Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Lennon,30 Years After...

December 8,1980 is the most gruesome and shocking event that ever happened in the history of rock music.John Lennon was shot dead in front of his Dakota Apartment in New York City.Fast forward 2010,30 years later,the Beatles were still up there on the rock mountain of fame and John Lennon was given a special birthday tribute on youtube on what supposed to be his 70th birthday.

Im more of a Paul fan when it comes to the Beatles,but Im very fascinated with the kind of charisma John has.Though we all know that John himself founded the greatest rock band in the world,the shocking news about his death sent shivers to every rock star known on earth.Peace advocator/protester,he spent the mid seventies in a lazy haze,sick of being famous and he busied himself raising his son Sean while his wife Yoko did the music publishing business.Unlike his former songwriting partner Paul McCartney, who was recording and touring with his band Wings during that time,John didn’t even care about fame and just spent his time in New York,a quiet private life.When he decided to re-enter the music business again,it was granted with a quite successful album called Double Fantasy,John’s happy thoughts about the album’s success was cut short by a man called Mark David Chapman.The music industry has never been the same.

Five years ago,I got a copy of LIFE’s tribute book about the 25th Anniversary of John Lennon’s murder,my dad gave it to me as a birthday gift.I still have the book,it was full of photos,mostly of unseen ones of John during his lifetime with several short stories told by friends and people who had worked with him.Everytime I opened that book,I was in total awe about the kind of life he had.

At the same time,I had a copy of Guitar Legends’ special edition tribute to Lennon where the most shocking story was published.It was about Dr Frank Veteran’s account on how he tried to save Lennon’s life during that dark day of December 8.It was really disturbing and Dr Veteran admitted later on that he had a depression after the incident-watching John Lennon bleed to death while trying to resuscitate him is the most unforgettable experience any doctor could have,I mean,they were used to those things but John Lennon? -whose music changed the course of rock n’ roll…..oh man.Dr Veteran confessed being a fan and any fan whether you’re a doctor or whatever you are,watching your idol die in your hands would really really send you shivers.That article sure scared the shit out of me,it was really disturbing especially If you’re a Beatles fan.
We only had two surviving Beatles left and a band reunion is obviously impossible.Unless Paul and Ringo would make a new album with a backing band and call themselves the Beatles,but it would be silly to do that.George Harrison’s passing in 2001 wasn’t a shock to the heart like Lennon’s but it was sad that another Beatle went up there with John in rock n’roll heaven.

John is a hero,a saint and will never be forgotten.I had rock music flowing in my veins by the time I was born and I will never get tired of paying tribute to these people who changed my life and influenced me a lot with the most beautiful music ever written.John Lennon and the Beatles’ legacy has appealed to every generation of fans.My daughter Heather has started listening to the Beatles as well,it was funny at age 2 she wanted Rubber Soul to be played over and over again while she played with her toys.Besides the Beatles,she also liked Collective Soul and Led Zeppelin and she always put their CDs on the stereo,it was funny.I guess she’ll be the next Lita Ford or Stevie Nicks–haha!
My favorite John Lennon albums? Umm..John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Imagine.

John,I hope you’re reading this…we had three generations of fans here in my family.Your music,whether be with the Beatles or on your own lives on forever…

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